Potato/Mushroom Gratin

Gin’s Kitchen (WordPress) is at it again. I was scrolling through her recipes and stumbled across THIS awesome looking Potato/Mushroon Gratin recipe!!! Oh Goodness!! I have a veggie mandolin that can slice those potatoes nice and thin. Looking forward to trying this recipe.

Gin’s post can be found here:  Potato/Mushroom Gratin.


A Mineral Worth Investigating

For years, I was challenged with not being able to remain asleep at nights.  Not only that, I had severe stress which led to anxiety attacks.  Sure, I had some stressful life events, but I was at the point where I thought I would absolutely lose it!  With the sleepless nights piling up and the day-to-day stress becoming unbearable, I was at the point of simply cracking.

One late night, as I was channel surfing, a teaser came on about a Dr. Oz episode that would be airing after Jimmy Kimmel (or one of those late night shows).  Anyway, the teaser said

“Dr. Oz will tell you how to get a good night’s sleep.”

Heck, I was awake anyway.  I figured I may as well watch.

During the course of the show, along with several other remedies, Dr. Oz suggested that perhaps a MAGNESIUM deficiency was causing millions of people not to sleep.  And that by simply supplementing with this mineral, the all-evasive S-L-E-E-P just may no longer be a stranger.

Of course, I rushed out the following day and bee-lined it to my nearest health food store.  One important thing he mentioned was the you want to take a chelated Magnesium.  Let me tell you, that first night, I slept as if Jesus had laid hands on me.  Hahaha!  I mean, it was THAT MUCH of a miracle to me that I actually slept through the entire night…and slept WELL.

Nowadays, I do have the occasional restless night.  However, when I do, I can usually trace it to the fact that I have fallen off the Magnesium wagon.  A couple days of supplementing usually does the trick.

Holistic Health Coach, Dani Stout has posted a wonderful and very informative article about the wonders of Magnesium.  I suggest you go over and give it a quick read – here Dani Stout on Magnesium.

Sweet dreams, my friends…SWEET DREAMS!!

Sharing: The Graphics Fairy

The Graph

Most of you know that, in addition to my love for making all-natural hair and skincare products, I am a crafting addict.  Give me an idea and a computer and I can create something for any and every occasion.  One web site that has assisted me in the graphics department is The Graphics Fairy.  There are thousands upon thousands of free graphics in every category you can imagine.  I especially love the vintage graphics.  In the future, I will be sharing some of my creations here, as well as some great sources and resources for those of you who like to do a little creating of your own.

The Graphics Fairy can be found here:  The Graphics Fairy


Encore post: Homemade DIY Bug Repellent and Stop Itch – Keep Insects Away Naturally


I love how effective home made insect repellant is. I’ve already made my first batch of the Summer. Here is a simple recipe that I am re-blogging.

Originally posted on Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids:

DIY Insect repellent – DIY Stop itch

back nfr6kYou asked me to share this [post again so here it is….

We have literally tried like 30 different DIY bug spray, rubs, wipes etc that are supposed to repel insects & every one my 13-year-old daughter still got chewed up & not one stopped no see ums to. Yea most worked for myself & some of my kids but my daughter just kept getting welted up & we all ran for the house when no see ums came out. Finally after all that totally by accident I repellent 2created the formula that works for keeping my daughter from getting bit up & works for no see ums too. It of course also repels mosquitoes & biting flies as well. I really hope it works for every one of you as well as it does for us & that you find out the bogs…

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Lemon Ice Box Cake


This is one of the best tasting cakes EV-ER!!! I originally saw the recipe on a site called Food52. However, my friend, Gin, simplifies it on her blog.  She lays out every step – in pictures. Check out her blog.

Originally posted on GinsKitchen:

Lemon Ice Box Cake

There were two reasons I made this cake yesterday.  First, I wanted to make a cake for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to celebrate Mother’s Day, however I did not want to spend too much time.  I’m a mother of three, so Mother’s day is also my day :-).  Second, I remembered that my co-worker gave me a bottle of limoncello liqueur which she bought in Italy.  So, I decided to make a lemon ice box cake (no bake cake).  One of my co-workers made this and brought it to the office, and it was a big hit, so I had to ask her for the recipe (I made a few changes from the original recipe).

This cake needs to sit in the fridge for at least 8 hours, preferably overnight, until the cookies have softened.  So, you will need to plan ahead of time.  This cake is so delicious!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers!


1 ¾…

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LoseIt Tea Colon Cleanse Tea & Detox Tea – The Lit Kit – Weight Loss – Dr.Sara


Yes, today is all about tea. This blogger has so kindly provided us this valuable information.

Originally posted on Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids:

LoseIt Tea, Lose the Toxins, Lose the weight!

About Lit

I was contacted to review LoseIt tea & I did as I always do I go check out the company before saying yes. As I was reading the website & what others had to say one thing kept jumping out to me, what was that? It was the fact that this tea yes helps you lose weight but that is not really the total focus, being healthy is the focus. If you have read my blog for any length of time you already know I believe in health first & that from living & eating healthy proper weight will come for most. I am not into fad diets or even just taking natural diet pills & I have even said that the current recent craze of a few natural weight loss supplements & herbs have even caused people to not…

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